Standing Committees

Missions, Evangelism, and Great Commission Training Committee

- Responsible for organizing Association missions and evangelism efforts, church strengthening,
Life Trailer, and training opportunities.

Fellowship and Coordination Committee 

- Responsible for organizing pastor peer group lunches, lay fellowship events, youth pastor
gatherings, and Bi-Fork gatherings at state and national convention meetings and conferences.
- Plan the association’s Annual Meeting, Senior Adult Day, and other events.

Institutional Support Committee

- Responsible for the Vernon College Baptist Student Ministry building.
- Coordinate BSM ministry with the Midwestern State University BSM leadership.
- Prepare annual BSM budget.
- Members must include the Bi-Fork representatives on the Camp Chaparral Board of Directors.

- Committee members are nominated by the Leadership Council and elected by messengers at the
Annual Meeting.
- Committee members are not required to be members of the Leadership Council. They may be
nominated from the membership or staff of any cooperating church.
- No less than 50% of the members of each Standing Committee must be lay people.