Bi-Fork Baptist Association exists to serve 9 counties with 8,300 square miles of range.  We are a mobile mission base with approximately 40 churches working together.  Not all equally size or gifted, but all called to support and serve one another with Dr. Robert Wheat as our connecting missionary.  Usually on the road connecting with churches and their staff, Dr. Wheat is running this race encouraging and engaging others to pursue the higher call of building God's Kingdom locally, while also engaging globally.

Director of Missions

Robert Wheat

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Dr. Robert Wheat currently resides in Vernon, Texas as one of the largest communities served and where our Baptist Student Center is located.  Vernon College is fertile soil for one of our collective missions serving college students each semester, along with Camp Chaparral just down the road in Iowa Park.  These are just two of the ministries Dr. Wheat serves alongside with several other staff in our region, but perhaps the greatest demand comes from  gathering key pastors, staff, and lay-leaders working hand-in-hand to see God's work accomplished around our network of churches.  There is a sweet fellowship on this journey.

Dr. Wheat served in various church staff positions from College onward.  Most recently, he served as pastor for 15 years in an East Texas church very similar to many of our local communities.  Previously, he has served as Associate Pastor in roles such as Minister of Education, Youth, Music and Youth, as well as one position of Music, Youth, & Maintenance at one precious church.  Overall, he has served in vocational ministry roles since 1984.

Dr. Wheat graduated with his Bachelors degree in 1989, Master of Arts in Religious Education in 1996, and Doctor of Biblical Studies in Pastoral Ministries in 2008.  This journey of training has enhanced and strengthened where he is today, but this journey is still on-going.

Dr. Wheat has been married to his very gifted-mechanical-engineering and beautiful wife since May 1990.  He has two very creative and talented children, one in college as well as one graduate from DBU, and one day hopes to add grand-"Pop" to his resume.  He loves sweet music, sweet food, and sweet fellowship, which will all consummate in a glorious heavenly atmosphere of "sweet" trinity some day.

   June 2019   
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