The Bi-Fork Association is currently undergoing a major overhaul in its operating procedure and governing structure.  In the near future, it will be overseen by a Leadership Council made up of pastors and lay people from its member churches.  An Executive Director (likely part-time) will serve to implement the decisions of the Leadership Council.  To provide further assistance, 3 standing committees will organize and manage particular aspects/ministries of the Bi-Fork including "Missions, Evangelism, and Training"; "Fellowship and Coordination"; and "Institutional Support".  Finally, due to the sheer geographical size of our association, area representatives will provide local support to the member churches in their particular area.

As of right now, all of these committees are still being formed.  Specific offices and positions will not be formally filled until the Leadership Council is in place to approve them.  If, however, you would like to volunteer to serve on any of these committees or as an area representative, please contact the Bi-Fork Association.  Your name will be considered as a nomination for the time being.  The Bi-Fork is not yet seeking a paid Executive Director, but will post the vacancy once the other parts of its restructuring are in place.

Leadership Council

- Replaces Bi-Fork Executive Board
- Officers—Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer
- Members of the Leadership Council will be elected by every Bi-Fork member church. Each church may
elect up to two council members, and at least one of them must be a lay person. (i.e. A member church
may elect one lay person to the council, one lay person and one staff member, or two laypersons, but
not only one or two staff persons).
- Nominates Standing Committee members and Area Representatives for election by messengers at the
Annual Meeting.
- May appoint Ministry Teams for specific purposes and specified periods of time.

Executive Director

- Perform general administrative duties for the association.
- Responsible for logistical coordination of the Leadership Council.
- Liaison to the Standing Committees and Ministry Teams.
- Supervises the Bi-Fork Area Representatives.
- Other duties as assigned.

Standing Committees

Missions, Evangelism, and Great Commission Training Committee

- Responsible for organizing Association missions and evangelism efforts, church strengthening,
Life Trailer, and training opportunities.

Fellowship and Coordination Committee 

- Responsible for organizing pastor peer group lunches, lay fellowship events, youth pastor
gatherings, and Bi-Fork gatherings at state and national convention meetings and conferences.
- Plan the association’s Annual Meeting, Senior Adult Day, and other events.

Institutional Support Committee

- Responsible for the Vernon College Baptist Student Ministry building.
- Coordinate BSM ministry with the Midwestern State University BSM leadership.
- Prepare annual BSM budget.
- Members must include the Bi-Fork representatives on the Camp Chaparral Board of Directors.

- Committee members are nominated by the Leadership Council and elected by messengers at the
Annual Meeting.
- Committee members are not required to be members of the Leadership Council. They may be
nominated from the membership or staff of any cooperating church.
- No less than 50% of the members of each Standing Committee must be lay people.

Area Representatives

- The Leadership Council will divide the association into geographic areas and nominate the pastor of a
church from within each area to serve as the Area Representative of that area. The nominees will be
elected by the messengers at the Annual Meeting.
- Promote association involvement among the churches in their area.
- Educate area churches regarding the availability of association resources (e.g. local supply preachers).
- Visit area churches and pastors.
- Advocate on behalf of area churches to the association.