The Bi-Fork Association ascribes to a non-traditional governing structure.  It is overseen by a Leadership Council made up of pastors and lay people from its member churches.  An Executive Director (part-time) serves to implement the decisions of the Leadership Council.  To provide further assistance, 3 standing committees organize and manage particular aspects/ministries of the Bi-Fork including "Missions, Evangelism, and Training"; "Fellowship and Coordination"; and "Institutional Support".  Finally, due to the sheer geographical size of our Association, area representatives provide local support to the member churches in their particular area.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council governs the Bi-Fork Association.  It is made up of volunteers from Bi-Fork member churches.  Each church may elect up to two council members, and at least one of them must be a lay person. (i.e. A member church may elect one lay person to the council, one lay person and one staff member, or two laypersons, but not only one or two staff persons).  The Leadership Council nominates Standing Committee members and Area Representatives for election by messengers at the Annual Meeting.  It may appoint Ministry Teams for specific purposes and specified periods of time.

Current Officers:

Russell Roberts, Chair

Jeremy Smith, Vice-Chair

Terry Williams, Clerk

David Warren, Treasurer

Executive Director

The Executive Director performs the general administrative duties of the association.  He is also responsible for the logistical coordination of the Leadership Council, serves as a liaison to the Standing Committees and Ministry Teams, and supervises the Bi-Fork Area Representatives.  The Executive Director may perform other duties as assigned.

Currently the Bi-Fork Association has not hired an Executive Director and has no plans to do so in the immediate future.

Standing Committees

The Bi-Fork Association has established 3 standing committees to perform its major functions as identified in the mission statement.  These committees are made up of volunteers from various member churches.  Committee members are nominated by the Leadership Council and elected by messengers at the Annual Meeting.  Committee members are not required to be members of the Leadership Council.  They may be nominated from the membership or staff of any cooperating church.  No less than 50% of the members of each Standing Committee must be lay people.


Missions, Evangelism, and Great Commission Training Committee

The MET Committee is responsible for organizing Associational missions and evangelism efforts, church strengthening activities, training and educational opportunities, and issues pertaining to the Bi-Fork Life Trailer.

Current members:

Jeremy Smith (FBC Woodson)

Janice Roberts (Calvary Seymour)

Randal Kinnibrugh (FBC Seymour)

Verma Fobbs (FBC Olney)

David Warren (FBC Seymour)

Ted O'hara (FBC Quanah)


Fellowship and Coordination Committee

The FC Committee is responsible for organizing pastor peer group lunches, lay fellowship events, youth pastor gatherings, and Bi-Fork paticipation at state and national convention meetings and conferences.  It also plans the Association’s Annual Meeting, Senior Adult Day, and other events.

Current members:

David Smith (FBC Quanah)

Sharon Carroll (FBC Quanah)

Beverly Kinnibrugh (FBC Seymour)

Haley Warren (FBC Seymour)

Ami Smith (FBC Woodson)


Institutional Support Committee

The IS Committee is responsible for the Vernon College Baptist Student Ministry building and property.  It also coordinates BSM ministry with the Midwestern State University BSM leadership and prepares annual BSM budget.  Members must include the Bi-Fork representatives on the Camp Chaparral Board of Directors.

Current members:

Wesley Smith (FBC Quanah)

Ronnie Chestnut (Tonk Valley Graham)

Terry Williams (Calvary Childress)

Russell Roberts (Calvary Seymour/Red Springs)

Clay Carter (FBC Chillicothe)

Nancy Ritchey (Vernon Baptist)

Dillon Fox (FBC Seymour)

Nate Roach (FBC Vernon)

Area Representatives

The Bi-Fork Association has been divided into separate 3 areas.  These areas are overseen by Area Representatives who serve as liasons between the Associational leadership and the churches therein.  Area Representatives stay in regular contact with and make occasional visits to the churches/pastors in their assigned group.  They inform their respective churches of Associational news and available resources, seek to promote church health, and advocate for cooperation between the churches and the Association.  They report to the Executive Director and Leadership Council.  Following this leadership model, the Area Represenatives are "the face of the Association".

Area 1 (West) - David Smith

First Baptist Church - Quanah

Bethel Baptist Church - Quanah

Trinity Baptist Church - Quanah

First Baptist Church - Chillicothe

Odell Baptist Church - Odell

First Baptist Church - Crowell

Calvary Baptist Church - Childress

Carey First Baptist Church - Childress

First Baptist Church - Childress

Southside Baptist Church - Tell

Antioch Baptist Church - Paducah

First Baptist Church - Guthrie


Area 2 (Central) - Chad Edgington

First Baptist Church - Olney

Immanuel Baptist Church - Olney

First Baptist Church - Seymour

Calvary Baptist Church - Seymour

Red Springs Baptist Church - Seymour

Calvary Baptist Church - Vernon

First Baptist Church - Vernon

IB Calvario - Vernon

New Hope Baptist Church - Vernon

New Life Baptist Church - Vernon

Second Baptist Church - Vernon

Vernon Baptist Church - Vernon

Western Trail Cowboy Church - Vernon


Area 3 (East) - Mike McKinney and Richard Segars

First Baptist Church - Throckmorton

First Baptist Church - Woodson

Elbert Baptist Church - Elbert

Bethel Baptist Church - Graham

Cowboy Church Gatherin' - Graham

Cowboy Church of Young County - Graham

First Baptist Church - Graham

Oak Street Baptist Church - Graham

Primera IB Jerusalem - Graham

Tonk Valley Baptist Church - Graham

Westlake Chapel - Graham

Jean Baptist Church - Jean

First Baptist Church - Loving

First Baptist Church - Newcastle

First Baptist Church - South Bend

Eliasville Baptist Church - Eliasville