Pulpit Supply

Bi-Fork Baptist Association Pulpit Supply List

Last Updated: August 29, 2020


Name                   Lives In            Phone Number

Toby Arnold              Seymour               940-256-0421

Rodney Nantz          Olney                    940-456-4300

Todd Peebles           Olney                    210-502-5892

Derrell Monday         Vernon                 940-357-1264

Gary Chapman         Vernon                 940-839-5025

Randy Wilson           Childress             940-585-8740

Brent Mills                  Woodson            903-472-1566


The pastor of any member church in the Bi-Fork Association may suggest names to be added to or removed from the pulpit supply list above. Supply Pastors currently on the list may ask to be removed at any time. Please send all such requests by email to the Bi-Fork Association at missions@bifork.org. Maintaining a sufficient list of quality supply pastors is critical to our Association’s success. Thank you.