Life Trailer

The Bi-Fork Life Trailer is a mobile resource that is freely available to all of our Associational churches.  Each church is unique and has multiple ministries which can be enhanced by the use of this Trailer.  Inside are two large bounce-houses, a popcorn machine, a snow-cone machine, a small sound system, chairs, tables, and a canopy for shade.  This unit helps our pastors and churches to share the love of Christ with their community through mission-engagement and outreach.

The Life Trailer is currently housed at the FBC Quannah bus barn.  To check availability and/or make a reservation to use it at an upcoming event, please contact pastor David Smith at 214-604-9860.  If he is unavailable, call the church office at 940-663-5331.

Those who use the Life Trailer are responsible for picking it up and returning it to FBC Quanah in a timely manner (this will require a pickup truck or similar vehicle).  It is better to immediately put it back under the shelter of the bus barn than to leave it out on a parking lot in the weather.  Furthermore, it must be returned before the next reservation.  In addition, the Trailer should be brought back in the same condition as it was when taken.  This includes properly repacking the contents and replenishing any supplies that were used.